Faculty Members List: Department of Women and Gender Studies

Picture Name of Faculty Designation Degree Phone Email Profile
Dr. Syed Md. Saikh Imtiaz Associate Professor & Chairman 880-2-9661900/6779 simtiaz00@gmail.com View
Professor Nazma Chowdury Professor Emeritus 880-2-9661900/6773 najmachowdhury@gmail.com View
Dr. Nazmunnessa Mahtab Professor wos1@gmail.com View
Mrs.Ayesa Banu Associate Professor 880-2-9661900/6775, 8810943 ayeshabanu@yahoo.com View
Mrs. Tania Haque Associate Professor 880-2-9661900/6778 tania14bd@yahoo.com View
Miss.Runa Layla Assistant Professor 880-2-9661900/6776 wos2@gmail.com View
Soheli Khadiza Azad Associate Professor 880-2-9661900/6770 soheliazad@yahoo.com View
Dr. Sanzida Akhter Assistant Professor 880-2-9661900/6771 sanzidanira@du.ac.bd View
Helal Hossain Dhali Assistant Professor PhD Student (McGill, Canada), MA (ISS, Netherlands) +880-2-9661900/6771, 01712-927083 helaldhali@gmail.com View
Umme Busra Fateha Sultana Assistant Professor M.A in Development Studies, , ISS under Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands 880-2-9661900/6771 ubsultana@yahoo.com View
Fatema Rouson Jahan Assistant Professor M.S.(DU), MSc (LSE) 880-2-9661900/6771, 01716-147225 f.r.jahan@du.ac.bd View
Mrs. Aditi Sabur Assistant Professor agnijata@gmail.com View
Ishrat Jahan Khan Barsha Assistant Professor MA in Women & Gender Studies, University of Hull, England. MSS in Women & Gender Studies, University of Dhaka +88-9661900/6772 ishrat@du.ac.bd View
Sabiha Yeasmin Rosy Assistant Professor MSS (DU), Mphil (University of Bergen, Norway) +88-01911127218 rosys47@yahoo.com View
Md. Mynul Islam Assistant Professor M.S.S (DU) +880-2-9661900/6774 +88-01949349016 mynul23@yahoo.com View
Dr. Soma Dey Assistant Professor wos4@gmail.com View
Fhamida Yasmin Lecturer M.S.S (DU) +88-01720128408 fhamida.yasmin@du.ac.bd View
Abu Saleh Mohammad Sowad Lecturer +88-01737746741 asm.sowad@du.ac.bd View
Gulay Jannat Lecturer M.S.S. (DU) +88-01735101634 jannat1010@gmail.com View
Aumio Srizan Samya Lecturer M.S.S (DU) +88-01717665374 aumio.srizan@du.ac.bd View
Afsana Islam Lecturer M.S.S (DU) afsana@du.ac.bd View