Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering



Details of Dr. Mohammad Ismail

Research Interests

 Carbon di-oxide Capture and Utilization, Clean Hydrogen Production

 Energy and Environment Pollution and Green Technology

 Biogas, Biodiesel, Bio-oil Production and Conversion to Commercial Green Fuel

 Petrochemical Synthesis and Characterisation

Novel Catalyst Synthesis using Different Techniques, its Industrial Application

 Hydrogen Production from Various Reforming Techniques.

 Catalysis of Porous Materials.

 University – Industry Partnership.


PhD in Engineering: University of Cambridge (January 2012 - July 2016): Energy Laboratory, Dept. of Engineering. Area: Carbon Capture, Clean Energy & H2 Production.

Topic: Development and Evaluation of Iron Oxide-based Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion and Hydrogen Production

Master’s of Science (M.S) in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2002, Result: 1st class 1st

Bachelor of Science (4 Years Course) in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2001, Result: 1st class 2nd

H.S.C: Chittagong College, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1996.

S.S.C: Kalauzan Dr. Y. B. R. S. High School, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1994.


Dec. 2010 - till date : Assistant Professor, Dept. of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, University of Dhaka

Apr. 2008 - Dec. 2010: Lecturer, Dept. of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, University of Dhaka

June 2006 - Apr. 2008: Scientific Officer, Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR)

Apr. 2006 - June 2006: Research Fellow, Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR)

Jan. 2004 - Jan. 2006: Research Fellow, Faculty of Science, INSIGHT (Research & Dev. Services)

Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships

2015, 2014: Pillman Award, Girton College, University of Cambridge, Ford of Britain Trust Award, Dept. of Engineering, Univ. of Cambridge

                    Royal Society of Chemistry Travel Award

2014 : Royal Society Award for Commonwealth Science Conference, India                      

2012 : IDB-Cambridge International Scholarship- covered PhD tuition fees and living costs

2009: TWAS, Italy Fellowship for Research & Advanced Training at TERI, India.

2007: TWAS, Italy Fellowship for Research & Advanced Training at TERI, India

2006: Prof. Mokarram Hossen Khondaker Memorial Fellowship from BCSIR

1995 -2002: Government scholarship during the Postgraduate, Graduate & H.S.C study.

M.S. (Graduate) Student thesis supervision:

1. Production of biodiesel from castor oil (Ricinus communis).

2. Production of bio-oil via vacuum pyrolysis of castor seedcake.

3. Bio-oil production from municipal solid waste & rice husk by pyrolysis & its characterization.

4. Study of the Bio-diesel production from Karanja (Pongamia pinnata) Oil and its co-ignition characteristics with commercial diesel.

5. Characterization and upgradation of indigenous clay minerals.

6. A study on the production of biodiesel from rubber seed oil (hevea brasiliensis).

B.Sc. (Undergraduate) Student project supervision:

1.  Production & prospect of biodiesel in Bangladesh.

2. Production of bio-oil from MSW and its prospect in Bangladesh

3. Integrated production of sugar and ethanol from sugar cane.

4. Synthesis & possible modification technologies for Renitidine manufacture.

Academic Course teaches:

 H-102: Chemical Engineering-I (Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering)

 H- 203: Chemical Technology-III (Glass, Cement and Paint Technology)

 H-301: Chemical Technology-III (Oil, Fat, Soap, Detergent and Dyes Technology)

 H-304: Fuel Technology

 H-408: Environmental Pollution and Industrial waste management

MS- 502: Energy conversion Engineering and Environment

MS- 508: Pharmaceutical Technology

MS- 503: Advanced Chemical Engineering Kinetics & Reactor Design

Training & Workshop

2015:   “Leadership in Action” – By Research Development Office, University of Cambridge, June 15 -17, 2015.

2014    “European Carbon Capture & Storage Research & Development Workshop (ECCSRD), Cranfield University, UK, June 18, 2014.

2013:   a) “Cambridge GRADschool for Researcher Development” at Wyboston Lakes (Organized by University of Cambridge), September 20 - 22, 2013.

b) “Enterprisers” at Wyboston Lakes (Organized by Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Judge Business School, Univ. of Cambridge), May 20 - 23, 2013.

2012    “Sustainable Energy Summer School” at University of Cambridge (organized by European Agency for Energy Security), August 26 - Sep.1, 2012.

2009:  “Bio-oil Upgradation: Technical review to assess the merit of the processes” at TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute), India, 22/06/09 - 28/07/09.

2007:   “Bio-oils from biomass and feasibility study of upgrading bio-oil to petro-fuels” at  TERI, India, August 30 - December 29, 2007

2004:   “Industrial process unit operation & process control techniques" at Training Institute for Chem. Inds. (TICI), Bangladesh, Aug. 29 - Sept. 28, 2004.

2003:   In-plant training at Karnaphuli Paper Mills Ltd, Rangamati, Sep. 06 – Oct. 01, 2003.

Short in-plant trainings at:

Tabani Beverage (Coca-Cola) Company Ltd., Dhaka, Mimi Chocolate Industry Ltd., Dhaka, Savoy Ice-cream Industry Ltd., Dhaka, People Ceramic Industry, Gazipur. Global Capsule Ltd., Padma Caps & Glass Industry Ltd., Barishal, Opsonin Basic Chemicals Ltd, Opsonin Pharmaceutical Ltd. & Opso Saline Ltd., Eastern Refinery Ltd., Chittagong & Urea Fertilizer Ltd., Chittagong.



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34. M. Ismail, W. Liu, M. T. Dunstan, S. A. Scott. Synthesis, Application and Carbonation Behaviour of Ca2Fe2O5 for Chemical Looping H2 Production. Energy & Fuels, 2016, 30 (8), pp 6220–6232; DOI: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.6b00631).

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29. M. Ismail, W. Liu and S. A. Scott. The performance of Fe2O3-CaO Oxygen Carriers and the Interaction of Iron Oxides with CaO during Chemical Looping Combustion and H2  production, Energy Procedia, Vol. 63, 2014, pp. 87-97.


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Selected Academic (Technical) Presentations:

2015:   a) ‘Enhanced Performance of Ca-Al-O Modified Fe2O3 Oxygen carrier for CO2 Capture & H2 Production in CLC Formation’- 6th High Temperature Solid Looping Cycles Network Meeting, Milan, Italy, September 1 - 2, 2015

b) ‘Application & Carbonation of Di-calcium ferrite for Chemical Looping Combustion & H2 Production’ 1st Chemistry in Energy, Harriot Watt University, July 20 - 22, 2015

c) ‘Effect of Sodium in Alumina Supported Iron Oxide Oxygen Carriers for Carbon Capture & H2 Production’- 4th FETE conf., Duxford, UK, July 16, 2015

d) ‘Alumina Supported Iron Oxide Oxygen Carriers for Carbon Capture & Hydrogen Production via Chemical Looping Combustion in Coal Fired Power Plants’- IDB Scholars 2nd  Scientific Symposium, Imperial College, May 26, 2015.

2014    a) The performance of Fe2O3-CaO oxygen carriers and the interaction of iron oxides with CaO during chemical looping combustion and reforming’-12th Int. Conf. on Greenhouse Gas Technologies, USA, October 5-9, 2014

b) ‘Fe- Based Oxygen Carriers Containing Ca-Ferrites for Chemical Looping Production of H2’- 3rd Int. Conf. on Chemical Looping, Sweden, 9-11 Sept.’14.

2013:   ‘Calcium Oxide Stabilized Fe-based Inexpensive O2-carrier for Carbon Capture by Chemical Looping Combustion’ – 3rd FETE conf., Duxford, UK, July 18, 2013.

2012    ‘Mixed Oxide Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion of Coal’- Cambridge University Combustion Group Meeting, June 8, 2012.

2010:   ‘Production of bio-fuel & reduction of environment pollution in Bangladesh’ at Afro-Asia Conclave of young Scientists. February11-13, 2010, Bangalore, India.

2008:   ‘Bio-oil from Biodiesel Wastes & Other Biomass and its upgradation to Green Fuels’- Bi-monthly Scientific talk at BCSIR, February 14, 2008.

2007:   Synthesis and parametric studies of industrially important benzylated & tert. butylated aromatic petrochemical compounds’- Monthly Sci. Talk at TERI, India, September 17, 2007.

Conference Proceedings:

2014:   a) Iron Based Inexpensive Oxygen-Carrier for Carbon Capture & H2 Production in Coal Fired Power Plants- 1st Commonwealth Science Conference, Bengaluru, India, November 25 -28, 2014.

b) Development, Performance & Interaction Mechanism of Ca- ferrites Oxygen Carriers for Pure CO2 & H2 Production during Chemical Looping Combustion & Reforming, IDB Scholars 1st Scientific Symposium, University of Cambridge, May 22, 2014

2012:   ‘Development and performance of inexpensive oxygen carrier for chemical looping combustion of coal’- 2nd FETE conf., Duxford, UK, July 11, 2012.

2009:  Alkylation of isomeric cresols with α-methylstyrene”- 21st Bangladesh Sci. conf., Organized by Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Science (BASS), February 18 – 20, 2009.

2008:   “Bio-oil from bio-diesel waste and upgradation of bio-oil to green fuel” at Bio-vision Alexandria-2008, Egypt, April 11-16, 2008.

Other Attended Conferences

  1. Joliot Curie Conference 2015, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK, September 16-17, 2015.
  2. Future Resource Abundance’- CUTEC 12th Technology Venture Conference, University of Cambridge, June 26, 2015.
  3. 1st and 2nd Innovation Leaders Confernces,University of Cambridge, 2014 (Feb. 27 -28), 2015 (April 16-17).
  4. Catalysis@Cambridge Showcase and Networking, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, April 14, 2015.
  5. ‘GAS - An (Un) Conventional Pathway Towards Our Energy Future’- CUEN Annual Conf., Jesus College, Univ. of Cambridge, June 09, 2014.
  6. Innovation Leaders Conference, University of Cambridge, UK, February 27-28, 2014
  7. UKCCSRC CATO-2 ECR Networking Meeting, University of York. March 24-25, 2014.
  8. Cambridge International Development Conference: from crises to long term development, University of Cambridge, UK, December 07, 2013
  9. 5th High Temperature Solid Looping Network Meeting, Queens College, University of Cambridge, UK, September 02-03, 2013
  10. ‘Smart Cities and Smart Energies’- CUEN Annual Conference, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge, June 18, 2013
  11. Nuclear Power: Clear or Unclear? – CUEN Annual Conference, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, June 26, 2012.

Professional Memberships:

  1. Member, Royal Society of Chemistry, Membership No.: 530687
  2. Member, Society of Chemical Industry, Membership No.:71660
  3. Member, The Institution of Engineering & Technology, Membership No.: 1100434379
  4. Life Member, Bangladesh Chemical Society, Membership No.:LM-1443
  5. Life Member, Cambridge University Engineering Society
  6. Member, Cambridge philosophical Society
  7. Member, UK Carbon Capture Community Network

Interests, Responsibilities and Activities:

2014 - 2015: Vice- President, IDB Scholar Association, UK,

2013: Graduate Representative, Cambridge University Bangla Society         

2102: Vice- President, Cambridge University Energy Network, Environment Officer, Girton College MCR, University of Cambridge

2011 - till date: Member, Chittagong Society, Dhaka, Chairman, Career Design Foundation, Bangladesh

2010: Publicity Officer, Satkania –Lohagara Society, Dhaka

2007 - 11: Chief Coordinator, Ex- Student Association, Kalauzan High School, Chittagong.