Profile of Dr. Farah Deeba

... Name Dr. Farah Deeba
Designation Associate Professor
Last Degree Ph. D (Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia)


Educational and Professional qualifications obtained:


2009- 2015    Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology                           Macquarie University, Australia


1999-2000     Master of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology              Dhaka University, Bangladesh

                       (Professional degree)                                                  


1995- 1996    Master of Science in Clinical Psychology                   Dhaka University, Banglades

                       (Professional degree)


1992-1995     Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours)           Dhaka University, Bangladesh



2002- Current      Department of Clinical Psychology, Dhaka University Bangladesh

Role:                 Faculty Member 


·       Teaching, training, supervising, developing syllabus, curriculum and course materials trainee clinical psychologists for both theoretical and practical clinical skills on adult and child psychopathology, and developmental issues.

·       Tutoring on various psychological theories, psychopathologies in general and special vulnerable groups, for example, children (child abuse, neglect and sexual abuse) and women survivors of violence to advance level trainee clinical psychologists.

·       Coordinated examinations, Guided and assisted trainee clinical psychologists to develop research project plans as part of their Master’s and MPhil degrees (minimum 5 fresher and one advance level trainee per year).

·       Developed and administered workshops in different government, non-government organizations regarding psychological issues and possible interventions to create partnerships to develop clinical placements of dept..


  • Supervised more than 20 trainee clinical psychologists in one-to-one supervision sessions who are currently working independently.

·       Upheld the profile of Clinical Psychology profession in the government and non-government job market that currently attracts employers to select prospective psychologist personnel from the department.

·       Initiated learning networks with the USA based psycho-drama experts since 2006, which now has fully trained local facilitators for the country.

·       Initiated a positive discussion since 2012 that lead to develop a network in 2015 with the East London NHS Foundation Trust, UK with the department for building skills of the Bangladeshi mental health professionals through the Department. Established online supervision system through the virtual classroom facilities of the public universities of Bangladesh. Three of the faculty members have been trained as commonwealth professional fellow in UK under this initiative so far.

·       Initiated a postgraduate students’ research fundraising activity through a community-training program for the students of the department since 2015.

·       Worked to build a psychometric assessment service at the Department for the nation with the funds achieved from Australian High Commission in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 2016-2018. Thirteen research works for adaptation and determining psychometric properties for various scales were undertaken with this support. Some of those are submitted to publish in peer-reviewed journals. More than 200 cases are served so far for their assessment needs. 

2013 - 2015  : Sydney Multi-cultural Community Services, Daceyville, NSW, Australia

Role:             :  Bengali-speaking Counsellor.


  • Proving mental health supports to migrants living in Eastern suburbs of Sydney.
  • Assessment, management and writing reports for psychological problems in migrants seeking community support services.
  • Work for developing knowledge and awareness about mental health problems in the migrants of South Asian residents.


  • Provided mental health support to women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds through one to one therapy sessions through face-to-face and over telephone sessions.
  • Formed and co-ordinated a monthly migrant women support group at the centre,
  • Wrote various Bengali articles in local Bengali newspapers and created Bengali flyers and pamphlets on mental health issues for the Bengali-speaking communities in Sydney.

November 2014 :

Marked final report assignments of Internships in Social Research (SOC301) and Professional Internships in Social Research (SOC 849) courses of Sociology Department, Macquarie University, Australia,on small scale research projects.

2003 - 2009     

Workedmostly as a consultant clinical psychologist for women and children survivors of violence with different government and non-government organizations as listed below:


2006 - 2009   : Multi-SectoralProgramme on Violence against Women, Phase-1 (MSPVAW; A joint-project of the Government of Bangladesh and Government of Denmark under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.)

Role               : Consultant Clinical Psychologist


  • Assessed existing psychological services for violence against women (and their children) nationwide
  • Undertook research projects to gain a deeper understanding around mental health services, perception of professionals and attitudes towards violence against women
  • Developed measures to identify women victims of violence by the health, legal and social
  • Completed a variety of project based tasks according to the contract timeframe. Organisedcounselling training, development workshops and seminars, research projects with corresponding budgets.
  • Proposed recommendations and improvements for psychological services for the six One-Stop Crisis Centers (OCC) in divisional hospitals consisting of multidisciplinary teams of professionals.
  • Empowered local centres through identifying local resources and negotiated to collaborate and develop networks with local resources and centres, as well as professionals involved in the wider project.


  • Developed networks and implemented a system to recruit and develop mental health professionals for female survivors of violence of different agesto ensure the effective reintegration of them with their children..
  • Based on my recommendationsand suggested design a National Trauma Counselling Centre (NTCC) was developed in 2009 and it is continuing to provide a range of high qualitypsychological services nationwide.


2005 – 2010    : Naripokkho, Dhaka(A women rights protection organization)

Role:                 : Consultant Clinical Psychologist


  • Developed a research project to understand motivation and perception of perpetrators of violence against women.
  • Outlined the ethical, health and safety issues relevant to the study context to be practiced by the research team.
  • Supervised research team and delegated tasks to team members.
  • Trained the research team to interview perpetrators within prison system.


  • Wrote a comprehensive report with research team for Naripokkhoto to publish a book.
  • Presented the research outcomes in a dissemination seminar with other organizations and stakeholders involved in redressing VAW towards women.


2005 - 2009   : Care-Bangladesh, (A women rights protection organization) Progoty Tower, Dhaka

Role:              : Consultant Clinical Psychologist


  • Conducted workshops with sex-workers to understand the problems and difficulties faced while visiting any hospitals or police stations for their medical and legal needs.
  • Developed course content, and delivered three workshops to health professionals and legislative officers to change attitude and behavior towards sex-workers when attends they come to receive the public services from them


  • Sex workers reported to receive less stereotyped and negligence from the health professionals, and legislative officers after the trainings.
  • The training contents and materials developed are using as a manual for later similar workshops.


2005-2009    : Acid Survivor Foundation (ASF), Banani, Dhaka, (A women rights protection organization)

Role:             : Consultant Clinical Psychologist


  • Designed and facilitated five training programmes on communication skills, anger management, stress and burn-out management to psycho-social and medical unit of the organization.
  • Conducted individual and group mental health status assessment, and therapeutic counseling sessions with fifteensurvivors of the acid violence.
  • Conducted trainings of the trainers (TOT)on violence against women, consequence of violence on victims, possible social support and inclusion, basic positive interpersonal effective communication with the victims, for the staffs of ASF and sister concerned or partner organizations in remote rural areas of the country.


  • Prepared a manual for the root-level trainers on awareness development on violence against women to train stakeholders at rural areas in Bangladesh.
  • The stress management and interpersonal skill development training contents and materials developed are using as a manual for later similar programs.


2003 - 2004   : Ain O Shalish Kendra (ASK), PuranaPalton, Dhaka(A women rights protectionorganization)

Role:              : Consultant Clinical Psychologist


  • Designed and facilitated eight-week (30 hours) workshops on “Interpersonal Communication Skills” for ASK personnel working with women victims of violence in better interaction with colleagues and clients
  • Conducting training programs on CBT and assertiveness with the personnels of ASK as a baseline to manage interpersonal conflicts personal anxiety, depression and stress at workplace


Professionals at the organizations reported less stress andmore confidence to communicate with colleagues and women victims of violence

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Research works/papers presented in Conferences and Seminars

·      2018(HQ, NHS, UK), Benefits of a collaboration: Department of Clinical Psychology, DU, Bangladesh and NHS, UK in the context.

·       2016 (HQ, NHS, UK), A journey to be a better psychologist: An experiential account, Final presentation on the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship, September –December, 2016

·       2016 (CAMHS, NHS, UK) Mental Health Services in Bangladesh: An Experiential Context

·       2012 (UK) Seminar with mental health professionals at NHS on “Psychological Well-being: A cross-cultural Perspectives” at CFCS, NHS on 25th July 2012. Paper presented titled, Place of Mental Health in the life of Bangladeshis: Necessity vs Luxury.

·       2012 (UK) Paper presented in 7th International Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Roehampton University, titled, Evaluation of an innovative intervention for traumatized children in a low-resourced country.

·       2011 (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Paper presented on “Sexual abuse in the life of school children in Bangladesh” a seminar jointly organized by Department of Clinical Psychology, DU and MSP-VAW.

·       2011 (Turkey), Paper presented entitled Trauma-specific negative cognitions in children and adolescents, at the 7th International congress on cognitive psychotherapy.

  • 2007 (BIAM, Dhaka) presented following studies conducted with financial and organizational supportfrom Multi-Sectoral Programme on Violence against Women (MSP-VAW, Phase-1), adopted in cooperation between the Government of Bangladesh and the development agency of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (with Dr.KamruzzamanMozumder)

1.    Psychological Impact of violence on women victims.

2.    Demographic profile of the women victims attending to crisis centers.

3.    Developing a screening tool for ensuring quick identification and referral of the victims of VAW.

4.    Attitudes of the professionals working with women victims of violence.

·       2007 (CARS, DU, Dhaka) Paper presented entitled Development of an anxiety scale for Bangladeshi population, in the 1st International conference of Clinical Psychology, jointly organized by Department of Clinical Psychology, DU and Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Society (BCPS).


Ongoing research works and writings:

1.    Delays and dropout in post graduate degrees at Dhaka University: A possible Clinical Psychological intervention , with Jobeda Khatun and Tehzeeb Tushty,

2.    মানসিকস্বাস্থ্যসমস্যাপ্রতিরোধেগবেষণারপ্রয়োজনীয়তা, (Need for research to prevent mental health problems)(in Bengali) WithMahjareen Binte Gaffar,

3.    Psychological management of physical abuse in distressed mothers for parenting institutionalized children who had experienced trauma, with Shirajum Monira,

4.    Impact of Stress Management Training on Professionals Working With Victims of Violence withIsmat Jahan,

5.    Psychometric Properties of Lock-Wallace Short Marital Adjustment Scale (LWSMAT), with Nazma Khatun and Tanzir A. Tushar

6.    Attitude towards Violence Against Women (VAW) and post-VAW actions in women in Dhaka city, with Nazma Khatun and Rozina Begum

Teaching :

2002- Current     : Department of Clinical Psychology, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Role:                    : Faculty Member 

Fellowship Received:

  • Commonwealth Professional Fellowship, UK, 2016.
  • Macquarie University Fellowship, 2016.

Scholarship Received:

  • International Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship 2009-2013.
  • Dhaka University Higher Degree Scholarship 1999-2000.
  • Bangladesh Govt. General scholarships for M.Sc. (1996), B.Sc. (1995), HSC (1992) and SSC (1990).

Grants Received for clinical research works:

  • Australian High Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2016-2018, 40,000AUD)
  • University Grants Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2016-2017, 75000BDT)
  • NasirullahPsychotherpy Unit, Dept. of Clinical Psychology, University of Dhaka (2016; 1700GBP)
  • Psychology Department, Macquarie University (2010, 10,000AUD)
  • Multi-Sectoral Program in Violence Against Women (2007, 1500USD)
  • Acid Survivors Foundation (2005, 15,000BDT)

I am interested to work on different types of mental health problems. I have worked on anxiety, depression, PTSD, clinical intervention, group therapy, psychometric measurements, etc. for population of verious age groups. I have mostly worked with children and adolescents' problems and people with traumatic and stressful life expereinces. I am interested to work in other areas as well.

Teaching :

2002- Current     : Department of Clinical Psychology, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Role:                    : Faculty Member