Profile of Dewan Md. Enamul Haque

... Name Dewan Md. Enamul Haque
Designation Assistant Professor
Last Degree M.S. (DU); MSc, ITC-UT (the Netherlands)


Research Interests

My research interest is to better understand the geodynamic processes from space to the core of the earth through the joint study of seismology, geodesy, and tectonic geomorphology. 
I am also interested in teaming up with like-interested economist and geophysicist to assess the seismic ground amplification and resulting damage & loss.


Haque, D.M.E. et al (2013) comparison of shear wave velocity derived from PS Logging and MASW- a case study of Mymensingh Pourashava, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Journal of Geology, vol.26, p.84-97, 2013

Haque, D.M.E. et al (2013) 2D Velocity Model and 1D Velocity Profile from MASW Conducted at Mymensingh Town, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Journal of Geology, vol.26, p.98-111, 2013.

Haque, D.M.E. (2016) 3-D surface deformation model from sub-pixel correlation of optical imagery and InSAR. MSc Thesis. Enschede, University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information and Earth Observation (ITC),

Educational Background

2017 (April) Onward           Post Graduate Student, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences       
                                       (Specialization in Geological and Climate-Related Risk Assessment & Risk Management)
                                        University of Geneva, Switzerland

2014-2016 (April)                MSc/Ir in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
                                        (Specialization in Applied Earth Sciences-Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management)
                                         Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, ITC
                                         University of Twente., the Netherlands

                                         This Diploma is achieved as an ERASMUS MUNDUS Scholar
(Result Published in 2013)   Master of Science, Geology                       
                                         (Specialization in Disaster & Environment Management)
                                          University of Dhaka.

(Result Published in 2011)   Bachelor of Science, Geology
                                         University of Dhaka.                 

Thesis     Integration of Geological Information with Physical Planning to Develop Seismic Hazard Risk Sensitive Land use Plan for                              Mymensingh Pourashava, Bangladesh.

Thesis@ ITC        3-D Surface Deformation Model from Sub-pixel Correlation of Optical Imagery and InSAR

Working/Research Experiences

Assistant Professor, Department of Disaster Science and Management, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (from April 2017-Present)

Lecturer, Department of Disaster Science and Management, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (from July 2013-March 2017)

Research Fellow (for 2016) of German Research Center for Geosciences, GFZ at section 2.1 Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Study Visitor at Department of Geosciences, the Pennsylvania State University, USA (February 2016)

Deputy Chairman (for 2015), Faculty Council, Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, ITC

Consultant at ECOMAC (Environmental Conservation and Management Consultants) for the Preparation of Disaster Impact Assessment on 2-D Seismic Survey for Offshore Block-12 in the 
Bay of Bengal

Ex-member of TWG (Technical Working Group) Committee for  " Preparation of DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) Enhanced Land use Planning Guidelines and Training Manual for Upzilla/Municipality in Bangladesh."- A Collaboration Research Project of UDD (Urban Development Directorate) under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, CDMP under the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Bangladesh & ADPC (Asian Disaster Preparedness Center), Thailand.

Earthquake Risk and Damage Assessment and Subsequent Development of Scenario-based Contingency Planning for Rangpur, Dinajpur,  Mymensingh, Tangail, Bogra and Rajshahi Municipalities/City Corporations and Detailed Building Inventory of the Said Towns Including Dhaka and Chittagong City Corporation. A project of UNDP, Bangladesh.
Performed Responsibilities: Geophysical (PS logging, MASW & Microtremor Measurement) and Geotechnical data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation.

Active Fault Identification for Seismic Hazard Analysis at Ghatail-Tangail, Gobrakhari-Mymensingh, Cosba Comilla and Jaflong-Sylhet with Support from CDMP (Comprehensive Disaster Management Program), UNDP.
Performed Responsibilities: Reflection Seismic Data Acquisition.

Feasibility study of Capacity-building Project for Sustainable Development of Water-Related Infrastructure, Part-01 & 02. A Project of JiCA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency).
Performed Responsibilities: engineering geological data analysis of SPT (Standard Penetration Test), Grain Size analysis, Shear strength Test, Consolidation Test, Triaxial Test (UU+CU) and Atterberg Limit.

Feasibility Analysis for Establishing Petroleum Reservation Tank for GTCL (Bangladesh Gas Transmission Company Limited) at Ashuganj, Bhairab and Elenga, Tangail using PS logging tool conducted by Department of Geology, DU.

Taught Courses

Theory: Fundamentals of Earth Sciences; Geomorphology and Tectonics; Introduction to Disaster Science and Management; Basic Statistics and Probability for Disaster Sciences; GIS and Remote Sensing; Geological and Hydro-meteorological Hazards; Geotechnical Principal and Practices; Seismology and Geodesy; Vulnerability and Risk Assessment; Research Methodology and Knowledge Management

Practical: Earth Materials Lab; Basic Cartography and Mapping Techniques; GIS and RS Lab; Hazard Analysis Lab; Risk Reduction Lab

Field Course: 
Earth Sciences Field Work


Software Skills

  • Seismodule Controller Package
  • WinGeo, Edushake, Shake 91
  • Visual Saunt, WinSism, InterSism, RES2DINV
  • Microtremor Analysis Softwares
  • ArcGIS, ILWIS, ERDAS Imagine, Sentinel Toolbox
    Advanced Image Analysis by SVM, MRF & SRM
  • Seisan, COSI-Corr, ENVI, ROI_PAC, RAPIDINV, SeiscomP3, easyWave
  • Surfur, RockWorks.
  • SPSS, Grapher, R
  • PC Raster, LISEM 
  •  CAPRA-Crisis