Profile of Dr. A. Z. M. Iftikhar-ul-Awwal

... Name Dr. A. Z. M. Iftikhar-ul-Awwal
Designation Supernumerary Professor
Last Degree B.A.(Hons),(PunjabUniversity)M.A.(DU),Ph.D.(London)




  1. Name:              DR. A. Z. M. Iftikhar-ul-Awwal


  1. Designation:   Professor (Selection Grade)


  1. Status:            Married


  1. Gender:           Male


  1. Phone:             9661920-73/6195, 6190 (Off)

                                    +88-02-9675947 (Res),


  1. E-mail:  


  1. Mailing Address:       Department of History

University of  Dhaka




  1. Degree (S):


         Exam. & Year

Division/Class Secured



S.S.C. in 1966

First Division with distinction in History



H.S.C. in 1968

First Division, Stood Fifth in Board



B.A. (Honours) in History 1971

First in First Class.

PunjabUniversity, Lahore, Pakistan.


M.A. in South Asian History 1972

First in First Class

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Ph. D. in Modern South Asian  History, January1979


School of Oriental & African Studies, London University, U.K.



  1. Specialisation:


  1. Area(s) of interest:


  1. Course Involvement:


    -History of Bengal/ Bangladesh since the coming of the Europeans.

    -History of India under British Colonial Rule.

    -History of England since 1485.

    -History of Europe.


  1. Publications:




  1. The Industrial Development of Bengal, 1900-1939 (New Delhi, 1982).
  2. Photographic Album of Old Dhaka (edited)(Dhaka, 2003)
  3. Oitihashik Dhaka Mahanagari: Bibartan-O-Shamvabana (A Collection of essays on the history of Dhaka)(edited)(Dhaka 2003)


Articles published in Research Journals (Foreign and National)


1.   'Supply of Labour to Bengal Tea Industry', in the Bangladesh Historical Studies, Vol. IV, pp. 49-63, (Dhaka, 1979).

2.   'Genesis and Operation of the Bengal State Aid to Industries Act, 1931' in the Indian Economic and Social History Review, Vol. XVII, No. 4, pp.409-420 (New Delhi, 1980).

3.   'The Activities of the Bengal Home Industries Association, 1917-1940', in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Vols. XXIV-XXVI, 1979-81,pp.179-188

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12. 'State of Indigenous Industries in Bengal during the Colonial Era', in S. Islam (edited) History of Bangladesh, 1707-1971, pp.272-370 (Dhaka, 1992).

13. 'Research on Japan in Bangladesh (A Report on its Current Status & Trend)' in Japanese Studies in South & Southeast Asia, Vol. II (The Japan Foundation, Tokyo, 1999), pp.1-18.

       Co- authored with Professor K.M. Mohsin.

14.'Cotton Textiles in Bengal Economy, 1900-1947', in Mufakharul Islam (edited) Socio-Economic History of Bengal  (Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, June 2004), pp.1-36.

15. Heritage Management in Bangladesh: An Appraisal. News Letter (Bangladesh National Museum, October 2002-March 2003)

16. “Life Sketches: Lieutenant-Governors, Governors and Presidents” in Hundred Years of Banghabhavan (Press Wing, Banghabhavan, 2006), pp.309-369


Book Reviews


 1. Review of 'Lecturers on Modern Japanese Economic History, 1926-1994' by Nakamura Takafusa in The Japan Foundation Newsletter, Vol. XXIII, No. 2, (Tokyo, September, 1995).

2.   Review of 'Bangladesh Metal Casting: Five Techniques' by Mathew S. Friedman (Dhaka, UPL, 2001) in the Daily Star, June 5, 2002. Also in weekend ‘Independent’, June 7, 2002.


Significant Newspaper Articles (since July, 1998)


*1.   'US attitude towards Bangladesh', in the Independent, July 19, 1998.

*2.   'For a police reforms commission', in the Independent, August 11, 1998.

*3.   'SOFA, HANA and our government', in the Independent, August 17, 1998.

*4.   'How we should deal with the push in', in the Independent, September 21, 1998.

5.   'Public Safety Act: A Superfluous Adjunct', in the Daily Star, February 13, 2000.

6.   'Gas Export: Boon or Bane?', in the Daily Star, October 21, 2000.

7.   'When will the border tension pass?’ in the Independent, May 23, 2001. (Writer's name missed out but acknowledged in its issue dated May, 31, 01)

8.   'Is Special Security Bill necessary', in the Independent, June 24, 2001. The article was also published under a different title in Dhaka Courier, June 8, 2001. The Bengali version was published in Inquilab, June 13, 2001.

9.   'Gas Export: Is it a viable option', in the Independent, May 25 2001, also in the New Nation, June 22, 2001.

10. 'Defiant Unocal and energy policy of the Government', in the Independent, July 25,2001.

11. 'Pervasive Corruption: Time to introspect', in the Daily Star, August 22, 2001.

12. 'Administrative reshuffle and the noise', in the Independent, August 31, 2001. Also published in the Daily Star, August 27, 2001, also by Dhaka Courier, August 31, 2001 (slightly enlarged version under different title).

13. 'Rhetoric and Performance: An appraisal of Awami 'no-hartal' pledge', in the New Nation, September 23, 2001.

14.'The crime index of the last decade', in the New Nation, October 1, 2001.

15. ' Anatomy of AL poll debacle', in the New Nation, October 20, 2001.

16.  (Fifty Years of Language Movement) in  (Bangladesh National Museum News Letter) January-March, 2002, Vol.4, No. 1.

17.  Nawab Salimullah : A Foresighted Leader (published on the death anniversary of the Nawab, Dhaka, January 2003).

18.'Our Cultural Heritage & Museums' in the New Nation, March 5, 2003.

19. ‘Dhaka, the Capital of Islamic Culture’, in the Observer Magazine, June 20, 2003.

20. Study Tour: Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, 2007 in Smithi Pate (published by the History Department Alumni Association, Dhaka University, April, 2007)



* The First four articles were published in my pen-name  Dr. A. Z. Mia.