Profile of Tahmina Hoq

... Name Tahmina Hoq
Designation Assistant Professor
Last Degree Master of Education, Master of Science (Fisheries) Bachelor of Science (Zoology)

August, 2015 to present
Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education,
Institute of Education and Research(IER)
University of Dhaka


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National Science and Information & Communication Technology (NSICTFellowship


 Dean’s Award. Faculty of Biological Science, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.               



University of Dhaka
Master of Education(M. Ed)


Dhaka, Bangladesh


Result: 3.82 (published in 2018)


University of Dhaka

MS (Fisheries) Zoology


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Result: 3.93(Published in 2012)


University of Dhaka
BS Zoology


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Result: 3.85(published in 2011)


Higher School Certificate

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Result : 5(5) (published in 2005)


Secondary School Certificate


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Result: 4.63(5) (published in 2003)