Details of Dipti Rani Datta






Contact Address:

Department of Oriental Art, Faculty of Fine Art

University of Dhaka


Phone: 01554739859



To work with an organization that efforts for people to press forward the humanity and offer such profession which throw challenge involving human interest and betterment by completing the social responsibility.



Present Position:


Department of Oriental Art

Faculty of Fine Art

University of Dhaka



Udichi Shilpigoshthi

Dhaka University Unit


Working as a Writer and Activist



  1. Lecturer as an Art Historian(part time)

           From 15.09.2013 to 07.09.2014

           Drawing and Painting Discipline

           Institute Of Fine Arts

           Khulna University


  1. Lecturer (part time)

From18.09.2013 to 07.09.2014

           Architecture Discipline

           Khulna University


  1. Lecturer as an Art Historian (part time)

From 26.09.2014 to December 2014

           Printmaking Discipline

           Institute Of Fine Arts

           Khulna University



Research Interests:

  • Matrilineal tribe such as Mandi & Khasi and their artifacts
  • Rituals of Hinduism
  • Women, Worship & Hinduism  
  • Geological reading of Buddhism
  • Nature of indigenous people of Indian Subcontinent


Recent Publications:


Exhibition Preview on Catalogue:

  1. A curated exhibition with the title of `Deliberate /Random’
  2. A curated exhibition with the title of `How do I rent a Plane’


Published Features on Monthly Publication:

  1. `Pryobhashinir Kaj: Sopran Bhashkorjo’, Uttaradhikar, Chaitra 1419
  2. `Dilara Begum Joly’r Nri-Tattwik Shilpabhasha’, Uttaradhikar, Chaitra 1420
  3. `Raziber Shilpokarmo-Gallery o Bektik Spac-er Shongslesh’ Shobdaghar, January 2016
  4. “`No One Home’ Dorshok o Shilpir Chokhe”, Shabdaghar, May 2016
  5. `Karu Titaser Bishoi Romantikota’ Shabdaghar, September 2016
  6. `Virtual Project o Tar Shorir’, Shabdaghar, Agust 2016



Published Features on Quarterly Publication:

1. `Tin Charu-purusher Nari Nirman’, Ulukhagra, July-September 2016

2. `Bahirangone Muktijuddher Bhashkorjo’ (p 76-92), Ulukhagra, July-September 2017



Illustration: Many illustrations published in several kind of Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Journal.



*An interview of Artist Murtaja Baseer– published on “PATRAPUT”, A Shilpacharya Smarak in the celebrating 100 years of Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin 2014.


Published Features on Daily Newspaper:


In Regular Basis exhibition review, preview and criticism have been publishing on Daily Newspaper since student life.





  • Bangabandhu Art Exhibition 2006
  • Students' annual art exhibition, the faculty of visual arts,
  • Rabindra Bharati University. 27th Feb-3rd March, 2012.
  • Painting- Counterpart of Yellow Christ. Mixed media, 30'' by 40''

(Awarded by Certificate of Merit)

  • Bangabandhu Art Exhibition 2015

`Shilper Aloi Bangabandhu’, Shilpakala Academy, 2015

  • Art exhibition on the occasion of `Dhaka University Day 2016’, 29 June to 1 July 2016, Zainul Gallery, University of Dhaka
  • Art exhibition on the occasion of `Annual Art Exhibition 2016’, 04 to 10 December 2016, Zainul Gallery, University of Dhaka


Others Activities:

1. Editor of an irregular and unconventional publication named CHARAL.



Personal Details:


Father’s Name             :           Satyendra Nath Datta

Mother’s Name                       :           Jharna Rani Datta

Permanent Address                 :           258/9, Taltola, Shadar, Mymensingh

Date of Birth                           :           05 June 1984

Marital Status              :           Single.

Nationality                              :           Bangladeshi by Birth.

Blood Group                           :           A (+ve).



1. Professor  Nisar Hossain                               2. Professor Syed Abul Barq Alvi

Dean                                                                     Printmaking, Faculty of fine arts

Faculty of Fine Arts                                           Dhaka University

Dhaka University