Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry




Details of Quazi Sufia Islam



Medway School of Pharmacy, Kent, United Kingdom                                                01/2015 – 01/2016

MSc in Applied Drug Discovery

  • Awarded with distinction.
  • Major Modules Studied: Applied Pharmacology, Translational Biology, Critical Thinking, Experimental Protocol, Project Background and Design.
  • Worked under the supervision of Professor Yuri Ushkaryov on the project “Store-operated Calcium Entry and Their Role in Neuronal Transmission” which was focused on investigating the role of stored intracellular calcium in exocytosis evoked by latrotoxin incorporating electrophysiological techniques, which was submitted as the dissertation required for the completion of the MSc degree in the end of term.


University of Dhaka, Bangladesh                                                                                      06/2013 – 10/2014

MPharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry      

  • Grade: CGPA obtained 3.89 (On 4-point scale);
  • Dissertation Title: Chemical and Biological Investigation of Calophyllum inophyllum; isolating and characterizing compounds with potent cytotoxic and antioxidant and moderate antimicrobial activities (Triterpenes, Sitasterone, Coumarin, Hydroxyxanthone).


University of Dhaka, Bangladesh                                                                                      02/2009 – 11/2012

BPharm in Pharmacy                                                                                  

  • Grade: CGPA obtained 3.93 (On 4-point scale)
  • Major courses involved Pharmacology, Pharamaceutical Analysis, Biopharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Physiology and other related courses; enabling to acquire a fully-rounded knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Sciences. 



Working and Research Experience


  • Appointed as a lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy of East West University, Bangladesh teaching the courses of Medicinal Chemistry, Clinical & Hospital Pharmacy; from July 2016 till June 2017..
  • Worked as a lecturer at the State University of Bangladesh from February 2013 to June 2013 and as a senior lecturer from April 2016 to June 2016.
  • Assisted in the research laboratories of Medway School of Pharmacy during the summer, 2015; obtaining practical skills of neuronal cell culturing, cell splitting, cell plating, immunocytochemistry and further image analysis.
  • Completed the research work in phytochemical investigation in Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) Laboratory which capacitated with the knowledge of Column Chromatography, Thin Layer chromatography, VLC and PTLC techniques along with enabling to analyze and interpreting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Mass spectrum data.
  • Designed a project titling “Investigating Live Kidney Slices for Improved Understanding of the Function of Pericyte on Vasa Recta” under the supervision of Dr. Claire Peppiatt-Wildman with the support of Charles River facility in the UK.
  • Worked as an intern at the Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited retaining essential insight about pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging and dispensing.


Relevant Skills


  • Efficient comprehension over the pharmacology and SAR of cardiovascular drugs, endocrine drugs, chemotherapeutic drugs, CNS drugs etc. from the Bachelor degree in Pharmacy.
  • Particular insight of drug interactions, enzymology, PK/PD data interpretation, safety studies, and a comprehensive understanding of drug discovery pharmacology and the various assays and methods used in this process, from the MSc course of Applied Drug Discovery.
  • Attained the band score of 8 in the IELTS examination and possess fluency over spoken English. Basic knowledge of French language by securing 82% and 75% in A1 and A2 levels of DELF examinations respectively.
  • Experienced and skilled in using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet and email.





  • Prof. Yuri Ushkaryov
    Professor of Biological Sciences
    Medway School of Pharmacy
    Phone: +44 (0)1634 20 2956
  • Dr. Md. Aslam Hossain
    Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Phone: +8801711059401