Profile of Dr. Afroza Hossain

... Name Dr. Afroza Hossain
Designation Associate Professor
Last Degree PhD in Psychology (University of Pune, India), MSc in Psychology (University of Dhaka)

Afroza Hossain

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Dhaka

Mobile Phone: +880 1715 007760



Ph D in Psychology (Awarded 2001), University of Pune, India

MSc in Psychology (1988), University of Dhaka, Result: First Class First

BSc (Honours) in Psychology (1987), University of Dhaka, Result: Second Class First (None stood for 1st class)


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Current Research

Awarded research grants jointly for the project titled “Relation of Living Arrangements, Social Support and Mental Health with Life Satisfaction among Older Adults” in the year of 2016-2017.