Head of Office:  Dr. Sadeka Halim

Designation:  Dean (Acting)

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences was established in 1970. The Faculty consists of eleven departments: Department of Economics, Department of Political Science, Department of International Relations, Department of Sociology, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, Department of Public Administration, Department of Anthropology, Department of Population Sciences, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, Department of Women and Gender Studies and Department of Development Studies. The academic activities of these departments are conducted by the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Dean of Social Science acts as the coordinator of the First Year BSS (Honours) Admission Test for the combined Unit known as 'Gha' Unit. The Faculty publishes Social Science Review (Dhaka University Studies, Part-D), a bi-monthly journal. The faculty has decided to publish a Bengali journal entitled Social Science Patrika from the next academic session. From the session 2004-2005, the faculty started publishing a quarterly named Social Science Newsletter edited by the Dean.

The departments under the Faculty offer four-year Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) and one-year Master of Social Sciences (MSS) degrees with the exception of the Population Sciences and Development Studies Departments. These two departments offer only two-year professional Master's degrees called MPS and MDS respectively. Moreover, the Faculty offers a two-year M.Phil and three-year Ph.D. degree in all disciplines.